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About Us

"Much like the experience of riding a bike, the ability to swim will last children their entire lifetime. "


North Valley Swim LLC presents a team of experienced and talented private swimming instructors and lifeguards to the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas for a wide variety of in home swim lessons and lifeguarding needs. The team gladly introduces a bonded and insured service to all of its clients, and also holds RED CROSS certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR, and FIRST AID. North Valley Swim LLC swimming instructors love to demonstrate that learning can be a fun, life-changing experience, while sharing the same view that our event lifeguards hold: the importance of water safety. North Valley Swim LLC instructors and pool party lifeguards are responsible, mature, fun to be around, and take pride in placing many home owners in peace of mind as they arrive professionally dressed, and equipped.

"Here at North Valley Swim we cherish the importance of building strong relationships with our clients, our students and our staff. The highest standards of professionalism and reliability are our essential goals and are the traits that make us unique. These are standards that are shown by a service that reflects a staff that is motivated, passionate, friendly, and most important of all, experienced."



Unconditionally, what they teach is a must in Everyone’s life, and motivating children to “want” to learn is an art. NVS has perfected their Delivery System to a science. Well-done guys!! ” Satisfied Customer

"Every time my son gets in the car all he talks about is going swimming when we get home and what he did in swimming class."
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